How Long does Broccoli Last?

how long does broccoli last?

What is Broccoli? Did you know that broccoli belongs to the cabbage family? In fact, it is part of a wider group of plants from the Brassicaceae family. They include: Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, arugula as well as turnips. Broccoli has its origin in the Mediterranean region as well as Turkey. Nowadays, cultivation is rife … Read more

How Long does Eggplant Last?

How long does eggplant last?

What is Eggplant? A brief history Depending on your region, eggplant can take on different monikers. In most European regions, it is commonly known as aubergine. In India, brinjal. On the other hand, the name eggplant is popular in North America. It belongs to the solanum melongena plant, a native of numerous Asian regions like … Read more

How Long does Rhubarb Last?

how long does rhubarb last?

What is Rhubarb? A brief history Rhubarb is famous for its use in pies. It is no wonder it is also known as the pie plant. Scientifically known as rheum rhabarbarum, this plant is believed to have originated in Asia, although the exact region remains a mystery. Nowadays, rhubarb thrives in cool, temperate climates around … Read more

How Long do Artichokes Last?

how long do artichokes last?

A brief history Artichokes are a common name among vegetables. From Jerusalem artichokes to globe, you may be mistaken to associate these two. However, heirloom artichokes are botanically known as cynara cardunculus. They are the domesticated versions of wildly growing cardoons. They are in no way related to Jerusalem artichokes, which belong to the sunflower … Read more

What are Plantains and How Long do They Last?

what are plantains?

What are Plantains? Plantains and yellow bananas belong to the same family, from the genus Musa. However, their flavor profile are as different as night and day. Whereas yellow bananas are sweet, their counterparts are nowhere near the sweetness range. Plantains are also known as cooking bananas. This is because of their high starch content, … Read more

How Long do Olives Last?

how long do olives last

History of Olives If there was a list of the oldest cultivated trees, olives would sure be among the top. Here is what scientific data reveals – the earliest olive tree domestication occurred between the present day Turkey and its border with Syria. With time, cultivation spread to the Mediterranean regions, Middle East regions as … Read more

How Long Does Cauliflower Last?

How long does cauliflower last

For any vegetable purist out there, cauliflower has its special spot on the grocery list. Before buying them, always ask yourself, “how long does cauliflower last?” In case you have no clue, read this post to learn more about these unassuming food. All about Cauliflower What do cabbages, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, cauliflowers and broccoli … Read more