12 Popular Fresh Herbs and Their Shelf Life

popular fresh herbs

I bet meal preparation would be a nightmare without herbs. These 12 popular fresh herbs and their shelf life opens your eyes to these staple items that you take for granted. Thyme Thyme has been in use for centuries and was popular among ancient Romans and Greeks. In Egypt, it was included in embalming solution. … Read more

7 Common Ground Spices and their Shelf Life

7 common spices and their shelf life

What are Spices? Spices are obtained from all other parts of plants, except leaves. These include barks, roots, seeds or fruits which are used to add flavor, aroma and enhance taste during cooking. From the myriad of spices known all over the world, here are 7 common ground spices and their shelf life. Cinnamon Obtained … Read more

How Long Does Pepper Last?

How long does pepper last?

Peppercorns originate from piper nigrum, a flowering vine that is native to India as well as some parts of Asia. Pepper is normally used either in powder form or as peppercorns. In India, the Malabar region is synonymous with high quality peppercorns. How many types of peppercorns are you aware of? Aside from the renowned … Read more