7 Popular Cookies and their Shelf Life

7 popular cookies and their shelf life

Although nowhere near being exhaustive, here are 7 popular cookies and their shelf life. A Brief Background Cookies can be described as smaller, harder versions of cakes. In fact, the word ‘cookie’ stems from the Dutch ‘koekje’, which depicts small cakes. Cookies evolved from experiments done on cakes, whereby smaller items were baked to test … Read more

How Long do These 5 Green Smoothies Last?

shelf life of green smoothies

How long do these 5 green smoothies last? Green smoothies are all the rage! Touted for being the healthier option compared to traditional, dairy milk-based ones, they have been embraced by health purists all over the globe. In fact, green smoothie diets abound, whereby your meals revolve around green smoothies. They are attributed to weight … Read more

9 Ordinary Syrups and their Shelf Life

common syrups and their shelf life

Which is your favourite syrup to drizzle on waffles? Here are 9 ordinary syrups and their shelf life. What is a syrup? Simply put, a syrup is any thick liquid made by reducing sugar and water. Syrups are extracted naturally from plants, flavored for culinary use or infused with medicine. Here are 9 common syrups … Read more

17 Easy Homemade Baby Foods and their Shelf Life

shelf life of homemade baby foods

When it comes to baby foods, there are plenty of convenient options to choose from. Here are 17 easy homemade baby foods and their shelf life. With homemade alternatives, you are able to tailor-make recipes best suited for your little one’s needs. In addition, you are guaranteed of high-quality and healthy ingredients. Pureed Avocado Highly … Read more

11 Popular Edible Flowers and their Shelf Life

11 popular edible flowers

If you thought flowers are only for display, these 11 popular edible flowers and their shelf life will change your mind! What are Edible Flowers? How are they used? The use of flowers go beyond aesthetics. Did you know there are edible flowers? Chances are that you have used some. Edible flowers can be safely … Read more

What are Plantains and How Long do They Last?

what are plantains?

What are Plantains? Plantains and yellow bananas belong to the same family, from the genus Musa. However, their flavor profile are as different as night and day. Whereas yellow bananas are sweet, their counterparts are nowhere near the sweetness range. Plantains are also known as cooking bananas. This is because of their high starch content, … Read more