17 Easy Homemade Baby Foods and their Shelf Life

shelf life of homemade baby foods

When it comes to baby foods, there are plenty of convenient options to choose from. Here are 17 easy homemade baby foods and their shelf life. With homemade alternatives, you are able to tailor-make recipes best suited for your little one’s needs. In addition, you are guaranteed of high-quality and healthy ingredients. Pureed Avocado Highly … Read more

11 Popular Edible Flowers and their Shelf Life

11 popular edible flowers

If you thought flowers are only for display, these 11 popular edible flowers and their shelf life will change your mind! What are Edible Flowers? How are they used? The use of flowers go beyond aesthetics. Did you know there are edible flowers? Chances are that you have used some. Edible flowers can be safely … Read more

8 Familiar Vinegar Types and their Shelf Life

8 familiar vinegar types

There is a plethora of vinegar available in the market. Here are 8 familiar vinegar types: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar It is popularly abbreviated into ACV. This vinegar is made from either crushed apples or apple juice. First off, these ingredients are distilled and then fermented. Afterwards, the sugars turn into acetic acid, which forms … Read more