How Long do These 9 Hot Beverages Last?

how long do hot beverages last?

From wading off cold to soothing our minds, hot beverages are indeed phenomenal. Which is your favourite hot beverage? How long do these 9 hot beverages last? Read on to learn more!

Hot Chocolate

For any hot beverage addict, hot chocolate is one of the most popular. In fact, each person can swear by their own customized version of this comforting, creamy treat that appeals to all age groups.

However, we should thank ancient Mayans for creating this tradition that has religiously remained upheld for centuries. They used to grind cocoa seeds, which were then mixed with water, chilli and cornmeal. This doesn’t sound like the hot chocolate you are used to, does it?

Anyway, hot chocolate has undergone metamorphosis. There exists a plethora of recipes, each claiming the rights to being the most delicious.

However, a simple hot chocolate is made from brewing cocoa powder and milk. Additional ingredients include spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg; sweeteners; booze; caramel and toppings such as chocolate shavings as well as whipped cream.

Shelf life of hot chocolate (in the fridge)

Ensure you drink hot chocolate as soon as you prepare. If not, cool within 2 hours and refrigerate. It keeps well for up to 5 days.

Can you freeze prepared hot chocolate?

Yes, get creative and make some hot chocolate popsicles. Pour your cooled hot chocolate drink into pops molds, insert sticks and leave to freeze until icy. Transfer the pops into freezer bags and use when needed. They last for 6 months.

Apple Cider

Besides being made into vinegar, apple cider is a timeless hot drink, popularly served in cold seasons.

A traditional hot apple cider drink is left to brew slowly, either overnight or a few hours. It is usually flavored and spiced with ingredients such as ginger, honey, cinnamon, cloves, citrus fruits, tart berries, dried fruits, brown sugar and alcohol.

When serving, you can garnish with fruit slices, cinnamon sticks or berries. Alternatively, you can go a notch higher and top with caramelized whipped cream.

Apple cider is touted for its detoxification, weight management and antimicrobial properties. During cold, long nights, it is ideal for providing warmth.

How long does apple cider last? (In the fridge or freezer)

Refrigerate or freeze unused apple cider. However, strain all the solids first. In the fridge, it keeps for 1 week. Well frozen apple cider remains in good quality for 1 year.

Hot Toddy

This hot drink is associated with Irish culture. The star ingredients are whiskey, water, spices and lemon juice. Nonetheless, there are numerous variations, with some adding subtle sweeteners and other liquors like rum.

Traditionally, it is served during cold nights to provide warmth and wade off flus as well as runny noses. It is meant to be light and not sweet.

Shelf life of hot toddy (in the fridge)

Prepare this in advance and refrigerate up to 1 week. Store in small batches to avoid reheating.


Coffee is ingrained in cultures, art and everyday lifestyles of humanity. Among hot beverages, nothing is as ubiquitous as coffee.

In addition, each culture has its own coffee drinking science – from carefully selecting of beans to roasting to brewing to serving.

There are countless of coffee blends, each appealing to different palates. For example, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, Irish, double espresso, macchiato, mocha, flat white and Turkish coffee.

How long does brewed coffee last? (At room temperature)

Drink up your freshly brewed coffee. If left over the counter, it is best consumed on the same day.

Shelf life of brewed coffee (in the fridge)

Refrigerate any leftover coffee. Use heavy-duty tumblers due to its strong odor. Use within 4 days.


Like coffee, tea consumption has permeated into cultures across the globe.

Indian culture is particularly synonymous with masala chai, which involves brewing tea with milk and spices. Moreover, you can enjoy tea in its simplest form – black.

Other types of tea include white, purple and green. The difference between these is in the maturity stage at which the leaves were plucked.

In addition, there exists a plethora of flavor-infused teas. Generally, flavors can be obtained from flowers, spices and herbs, hence anything goes. Hot tea has therapeutic benefits, besides providing warmth.

How long does prepared tea last? (In the fridge or freezer)

To maximize on flavor and potency, refrigerate only for 3 days at most. On the other hand, freezing causes loss of aroma. As such, avoid it.

Buttered Rum

As its name suggests, this hot beverage contains butter and rum.

It is made by preparing a batter mixture from brown sugar, butter, honey and spices. These are whisked together until smooth. Rum and hot water are then added and mixed well, before serving. You can also add cream for extra creaminess. You may garnish with cinnamon sticks or dust with nutmeg.

How long does buttered rum last? (In the freezer)

This hot beverage is freezer friendly. When well frozen, it lasts up to 3 months.

Slow cooker Juices

Simply put, you combine different types of juices, pour them into a slow cooker/ crock pot and leave to brew for a few hours. In addition, you can flavor with herbal teas, spices and fruits of your choice.

Slow cooker juices are potent holiday treats, served warm for family and friends. This tradition is borrowed from ancient Anglo-Saxons who used to welcome and celebrate loved ones with warm libations.

How long do slow cooker juices last?

Once cooled, refrigerate and use within 1 week. Alternatively, freeze in single portions up to 6 months.

Mulled Wine

Similar to hot toddy, mulled wine is a brewed concoction of spiced wine. It is mostly served warm or hot.

Traditionally, any type of red wine is the star ingredient. Additional components include honey, cinnamon, citrus zest, apple cider, cloves and other spices of your choice. Each ingredient serves its special purpose in relieving flu and cold symptoms.

Serving mulled wine is an ancient tradition, with ancient Romans who used to brew wine to wade off cold. It is also popular in Europe, although such traditions have become widespread around the globe.

Shelf life of mulled wine (in the fridge)

To retain the potency, use refrigerated mulled wine within 3 days.

Hot Cranberry citrus drink

Yes! You can enjoy fruit juice when hot. For this hot beverage, tangy cranberry and zesty citrus pair well to give a sharp, biting taste. In addition, you can incorporate spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger for a spicy touch.

How long does cranberry citrus drink last? (In the fridge or freezer)

Once cooled, refrigerate up to 1 week. On the other hand, freeze any leftover for prolonged shelf life. Use within 6 months.

Whereas knowing how long these 9 hot beverages last is ideal, learning how to store and handle each is equally crucial.

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