How Long do These 5 Green Smoothies Last?

shelf life of green smoothies

How long do these 5 green smoothies last? Green smoothies are all the rage! Touted for being the healthier option compared to traditional, dairy milk-based ones, they have been embraced by health purists all over the globe.

In fact, green smoothie diets abound, whereby your meals revolve around green smoothies. They are attributed to weight loss, detoxification as well as nourishing the body with essential nutrients that cooked foods are devoid of.

Here are 5 such easy-to-prepare smoothies. In addition, you will learn more about their shelf life as well as effective storage.

  1. Spirulina-banana almond milk
  2. Broccoli, pineapple, mint, coconut water
  3. Baby spinach, banana and zucchini
  4. Celery, cucumber, apple,
  5. Avocado, kales, flaxseeds, coconut milk

Spirulina-banana Almond milk smoothie

Edible sea weeds or plants are lauded for being nutrient-packed. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that has been a food source since antiquity.

Ancient Mesoamerican tribes such as Aztecs and Mayans as well as the Kanembu folks who lived around Lake Chad, incorporated it into their diet. It was highly valued as a survival food.

Spirulina is popularly sold as powder or tablet form. The other two ingredients in this smoothie – banana and almond milk, are equally nutritious. Banana is a rich source of potassium, whereas almond milk is ideal for lactose intolerant individuals.

This green smoothie is ideal at any time of the day, although it works best on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

How long does freshly made spirulina-banana smoothie last? (In the fridge or freezer)

Banana turns brown after a few hours. Refrigerate any leftover and consume within 24 hours.

Alternatively, freeze in ice cube molds or single portioned bags. Add lemon juice to prevent browning. Freeze for up to 1 month.

Broccoli-pineapple-mint-coconut water smoothie

Antioxidant-rich broccoli is the star ingredient here. Moreover, blending broccoli is a sure-fire way of hiding them from picky-vegetable eaters. The addition of mint and pineapple is great also for masking broccoli taste. Coconut water enables the ingredients to be loose enough for blending. This powerful green smoothie works its nutritional magic into your body.

Besides being choke-full of antioxidants, broccoli are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, zesty pineapples contain an overload of vitamin C. They are also rich in dietary fiber, manganese, potassium, iron as well as B vitamins.

You can count on mint for its potent antimicrobial properties. It is effective for eliminating bad breath and relaxing nerves.

Lastly, coconut water provides hydration, contains natural electrolytes like potassium and magnesium; is rich in amino acids as well as antioxidants.

This smoothie is safe for all, including toddlers.

Shelf life of broccoli-pineapple smoothie (in the fridge or freezer)

Addition of green vegetables in smoothies reduces their shelf life. As such, refrigerate up to 48 hours at most. If you have made in bulk, freeze in single portions for up to 3 months.

Baby spinach-banana-zucchini smoothie

Dark leafy greens never disappoint in nutritional value. They are loaded with crucial vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals.

Baby spinach is one such vegetable. Touted for being low caloric food, spinach is a rich source of vitamin A, C, iron, calcium, folate, dietary fiber as well as carotenoids.

On the other hand, zucchini has high water content, is also rich in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C.

Banana doesn’t need introduction, as it is synonymous for its high potassium and dietary fiber.

When you combine these 3 into a smoothie, your body benefits from all these vital components. With this smoothie, you don’t require a liquid, since the zucchini is watery enough.

How long does spinach-banana-zucchini smoothie last? (In the freezer)

Add some lemon juice before freezing. Use single portioned jars or molds. Freeze for 3 months.

Celery-cucumber-apple smoothie

Celery juice has been all the rage in recent years. In fact, all-celery-juice diets have sprung up among health and fitness enthusiasts.

When consumed, celery creates an alkaline environment in the body. Not only this, it is a low glycemic food, hence is vital in maintaining blood sugar levels, without causing a spike. In addition, celery is a high fiber vegetable, has high water content and is rich in vitamins as well as minerals.

Much can be said also about cucumber and apples. For instance, they are both fiber-rich, contain choke-full of vitamin C and are low in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Therefore, all these 3 foods in this smoothie work in tandem to boost your immune system, rejuvenate your body and keep you hydrated.

It is also effective for detoxifying your system, nourishing your skin and cells, resulting in healthy skin and body organs.

For optimal results, consume at least twice a day.

How long does celery-cucumber-apple smoothie last?

Squeeze some lemon/lime juice before refrigerating. Consume within 24 hours. Alternatively, freeze in single portions for up to 2 months.

Avocado-kale-flaxseed-coconut milk smoothie

Considered a superfood, avocado has its fair share of potent nutrients. In fact, it is believed to have more potassium than banana.

Besides this, avocado has healthy unsaturated fats. As such, it is beneficial for promoting a healthy cardiovascular system, since such fats don’t clog blood vessels or organs. In addition, due to being rich in lutein, vitamins and minerals, avocados promote healthy eyes, skin and collagen.

Similarly, kale is another superfood that is popular in green smoothie recipes. Like other leafy greens, kale is packed with vitamin, antioxidants and minerals.

The other crucial ingredient in this recipe – flax seeds, are equally essential. Count on them to nourish you with proteins, fiber as well as omega -3 fatty acids. In addition, flaxseeds aid in fighting off lifestyle diseases and free radicals.

This creamy, green smoothie is filling enough to be a complete meal.

Shelf life of avocado-kale-flaxseed smoothie

Like other smoothies containing leafy greens, freezing is effective for long-term storage, as opposed to refrigerating.

Combine with lemon juice. Freeze in mason jars by filling to the brim – this prevents oxidation. When well frozen, this smoothie lasts for 3 months.

Spoilage in green smoothies

Expiration is easy to spot in these smoothies:

  • Separation of content
  • Pungent, sour smell
  • Discoloration
  • Mold patches

Discard such contents right away.

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