How Long Do Roses Last? (In the Fridge)

How long do roses last? (In the fridge)

In the world of flowers, roses are highly popular. They feature in any bouquet arrangement. Needless to say, how long roses last is crucial. Can roses be preserved? How long do roses last? (In the fridge). Which other preservation techniques are there?

Shelf Life of Roses

Flowers depreciate quite fast.

At best, roses will stay fresh for a whole week when tended to. This is if they are placed in water.

Roses that are stored without water will wilt in a few hours. However, roses can last in the fridge, when placed in a vase with water.

Plucked out fresh petals will retain freshness for up to 3 days.

Freshness also depends on the type of rose flower and the state of freshness when first obtained.

How Best to Store Roses to Increase Their Shelf Life

To get the most from your bouquet of roses, handle them delicately and with care. A few important reminders about roses include:

  • Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.
  • Prune off the green leaves and wilted petals. The leaves tend to spoil faster thus they should be discarded before immersing the flowers in water.
  • Keep sprinkling the petals with fresh water even when in a vase. The petals are susceptible to wilting. This can be minimised by being watered frequently.
  • Snip off a small section of the stalk at the bottom. Cut diagonally. This enables water to seep in faster and easily.
  • Keep recycling the vase water on a frequent basis. Fresh water is well oxygenated and will keep the flowers fresh for longer.

Several tricks you can try at home to prolong the shelf life of roses are as follows:


Drying is an ancient preservation methods for not only food items but plants. Moisture enhances spoilage, therefore its absence will prolong the shelf life of roses. There are various ways of drying roses:

Using the Microwave

Simply place rose petals on a paper towel and microwave for 3 minutes. You can keep adjusting the time if they don’t dry out. Ensure all the parts dry out completely. Store the dried petals in an airtight container. You can get creative and make simple D-I-Y crafts using dried petals.


Arrange petals on a tray or lid and place them outside under direct sunlight. Repeat the process for a few days until the petals dry out completely before storage.

Hang Them Upside Down to Dry

A simple way to dry roses is to tie sizable bouquets with a string and hang them upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area until they dry.


This is a more technical process which involves placing the petals in a freeze-dryer. You may have to take your roses to be freeze dried by a professional to ensure they turn out well and to prevent freeze burns.

Freeze-dried roses can also keep well in the fridge.

Using Hairspray to Dry the Petals

This entails drying out the petals first before spraying with hairspray which coats the petals preventing moisture seeping in.

Sanding the Petals

Sanding is another drying technique which entails burying the petals in sand until they dry out. Sand will suck in moisture from the roses. Pat them well before storing.

Sealing with Epoxy Resin

A great way of preserving rose petals is by immersing them in Epoxy resin.

This substance is used in the manufacture of sealants, adhesives, coatings and paintings.

The resin will set permanently, therefore it is important to place the petals in a well-shaped frame or container as you will not be able to remove the petals again.

Use the set petals as decorations in your house. This technique is popular in designing attractive furniture and artwork by using different varieties and colors of flowers.

Use Glycerin to Preserve Roses

There is no need for elaborate storage techniques when you have glycerin at home. The petals will absorb glycerin and draw out moisture, leaving the petals supple and fresh for a long time.

Use a combination of glycerin with tepid water for better absorption.

The entire process can take nearly a month for optimal results. Keep checking the petals for wilting and spray the mixture on the wilted parts.


Who knew that the humble bleach has another use, besides whitening garments and surfaces? Well, it turns out that bleach can refresh roses.

Add a small amount onto the vase water and your roses will keep fresh for longer. Extend their shelf life even further – place the vase of roses in the fridge.

Make Rose Water

Maybe you would like to discard some bouquet of roses and replace them with other types.

Instead of throwing them away, boil the petals to make rose water.

This liquid is highly valued in beauty and hair care. Rose water acts as a skin toner by tightening the pores after cleansing.

It is also a great hair care product as it helps to relieve dandruff due to its antiseptic properties. Moreover, rose water also restores hair porosity especially in damaged hair.

Vodka Is Not For Drinking Only

Save a glass of vodka for preserving roses. The alcohol properties in vodka act as antibacterial agents, thus mitigating any bacterial growth in the plain water. This is effective for prolonging the shelf life of roses.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Sugar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) when combined with sugar, will extend the shelf life of roses in a couple of ways.

ACV has antiseptic properties which keep the flowers buffered against rotting.

Sugar will dissolve in water and get absorbed as food. Flower food will prolong the shelf life of roses as they become well nourished.

Give Them a Dose of Aspirin

It turns out that these little pills not only relieves human affliction, but flowers as well!

In preserving roses, aspirin works by lowering the pH level of water, making it lighter.

Water is thus able to seep through the stalks faster and keep the petals well hydrated and fresh.

Roses will last long in the fridge – Refrigerate them

Low, cool temperatures are always ideal for effective storage. Roses can also be refrigerated.

The secret is to leave them refrigerate them overnight then removing them during the day. Refrigerate them in their vase with water.

Maintain a controlled temperature, preferably of 40 degrees or lower. The petals will retain vibrant and fresh texture for a long time.

Pressed Roses

Another common preservation method is pressing.

Pressing involves placing the petals inside an old book or magazine without overlapping them. Close the pages and put on a heavier item on top of the book to keep the flowers pressed down. Leave them for several weeks and you will end up with dried, flattened petals.

Pressed flowers are great for decorative ideas at home. You can frame together flowers of different colors and variety for an appealing look.

How to Identify Spoiled Roses

  1. Discoloration on petals and leaves is a sign of expiration. This state can hardly be reversed thus you may have to discard the entire bunch or pluck out the discolored ones.
  2. Wilted petals. The degree of wilting determines whether the flowers can be salvaged or discarded.
  3. Slimy petals or stalk. Bacterial growth can cause changes in texture of both the petals and stalk. Such flowers should be discarded immediately.

Roses remind us of the caring nature of our loved ones, individuals who will go out of their way to make us feel special by giving us bouquets of flowers. Roses well kept in the fridge will go a long way in keeping such memories alive.

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