How Long Do Grapes Last? (In The Fridge)

how long do grapes last

How Long do Grapes Last in the Fridge or at Room Temperature?

Grapes are definitely one of the most popular fruits around.

So many people turn to grapes in order to satiate a sweet tooth.

These delicious fruits can be used to make some tasty treats and they’re also just great to eat on their own. If you like to keep grapes stocked in your kitchen, then you already know how good they are.

You might be curious about just how long grapes are supposed to last, though.

When you store grapes properly, they should be able to last for several days. If you’re just keeping the grapes on your kitchen counter somewhere, then you can expect them to last for between three and five days.

Grapes stored in your refrigerator will do a little bit better and can last somewhere between five and ten days.

It’s also possible to freeze grapes in order to extend their shelf life even longer. When you put grapes in the freezer, they can be stored for between three and five months before going bad. This is quite a long time to be able to store grapes so it’s good to consider this if you aren’t sure about what to do with your grapes.

As always, you need to remember that produce doesn’t have a “best used by” date printed on the packaging so you need to be mindful about how long it has been since you bought them.

How Can You Tell If Grapes Have Gone Bad?

You can tell that grapes have gone bad by using your own senses and inspecting the grapes.

When grapes are starting to go bad, you’ll likely notice that they have an even softer texture than usual.

You might even notice that they have a brown type of discolouration.

Eventually, the grapes are going to start smelling similar to vinegar when they start to ferment.

As the grapes continue to deteriorate, mold will start to appear. Once this occurs, it’s going to be time to cut your losses and throw the grapes out.

You always want to discard any rotten grapes that you come across. Eating grapes when they are deteriorating is not recommended and you could even get sick.

When you’re choosing grapes at the produce section of your local grocery store, it’s always best to choose the healthiest grapes that you can find.

For the best results, the stems on the grapes should be green and in good shape.

You’ll also want to choose grapes that are plump and not overly soft.

Choosing fresh grapes ensures that you’ll be able to use them for longer whereas grapes that are closer to the end of their lifespan will only last for a couple of days once you get them home.

How long do grapes last in the fridge?

How Can You Store Grapes to Get Them to Last Longer?

When you want to get your grapes to last as long as possible, you need to pay attention to how you’re storing them.

Grapes should ideally be stored in a plastic bag that has ventilation. In fact, grapes are often sold in plastic bags with holes at the bottom for this reason.

You should be storing your grapes in the refrigerator if you want them to last for as many days as they can.

It’s also important to note a few things about grapes before continuing. Grapes are known to absorb odours and this can be a problem when you place them next to certain other food items in your refrigerator.

You might want to avoid placing grapes near foods such as onions or garlic.

Grapes can be placed in an airtight container before being put in the fridge too but you’ll want to make sure that there is no moisture present before doing so.

Freezing grapes will allow the grapes to last for several months. Many people actually really like having frozen grapes as a snack.

You should rinse your grapes before you freeze them and you’ll also want to put them on something solid, such as a cookie sheet. You can freeze the entire cookie sheet and then place your grapes into a freezer bag for safekeeping.

Advice for Using Grapes Before They Go Bad

If you have some talent for canning, then you might be able to go ahead and make some grape jam. Grape jam can be very delicious when used to make sandwiches.

Many people like to pair grape jam with peanut butter as a tasty snack. To make this jam, you just need to slip the skins from your grapes and then puree them.

Stirring together lemon juice, peeled grapes, and a bit of sugar is the next step. Admittedly, making grape jam is a bit of a process. It involves slowly boiling and then canning or placing the jam in jars. Even so, it’s a very delicious thing that you could do with leftover grapes that you don’t think that you can use in time.

The video below shows how to make homemade grape jam:

Another idea is to go ahead and make a fruit salad for your family to enjoy. Fruit salad is a nice treat for people to have and it allows you to use up several types of fruit that you might have around the house.

Grapes keep pretty well when used as a part of a fruit salad. This is very easy to whip up and it’s something that most people will really enjoy.

If you don’t have any other ideas for your grapes, then freezing them is going to be the best course of action to take. Freezing grapes really does allow you to eat them for longer periods of time. It gives you months to finish eating grapes rather than just having several days.

If you don’t have the energy or equipment to make grape jam, then just freeze the grapes and enjoy them that way.

Special Grape Facts

Did you know that there are actually many different types of grapes?

You might be familiar with common variants such as concord grapes but there are actually more than eight thousand grape varieties that come from sixty species.

There are likely far more types of grapes than you ever would have realized.

People have been cultivating grapes for eight thousand years at this point so it makes sense that grapes are so varied.

Another interesting fact is that grapes are actually considered to be berries. It makes sense when you think about it but they aren’t the first fruit that you’d think of when someone brings up the word “berry.”

These delicious fruits are among the most popular natural snacks in the world.

They’re also used to make wine.

The types of grapes that are used to make wine differ from table grapes that you are meant to eat.

Grapes are also used to make raisins. Raisins are just dried-out grapes but they do have a very distinct taste of their own.

How long do grapes last?

Final Thoughts on “How Long do Grapes Last?”

Now that you understand how long grapes can last, you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

Grapes aren’t going to last for too long when placed on the counter.

They’ll do better being put in the refrigerator but you shouldn’t expect them to stay good for longer than ten days under optimal conditions. Depending on how quickly you eat grapes, this might be more than enough time to get through a bunch.

Grapes will last longest when you decide to go ahead and freeze them. This is an easy way to get grapes to last for several months.

If you aren’t sure what to do and you want to prolong the shelf life of your grapes, then you should simply freeze them. They’ll be tasty this way and you could even consider packing them in lunches.

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