How Long do Artichokes Last?

how long do artichokes last?

Similar to other food stuffs, artichokes have an expiry date. How long they last depend on storage as well as how fresh they are.

Shelf Life of Fresh, Raw Artichokes (At Room Temperature)

If freshly harvested, they keep well for up to 4 days. However, if exposed to heat and moisture, they start to deteriorate on the first day. As such, place them on a cool, dry area. When left on the counter, the globes and hearts dry out and soften fast.

How Long do Raw Artichokes Last? (In the Fridge)

Well refrigerated artichokes last up to 1 week. To prevent shriveling, sprinkle the lobes with water before placing in airtight bags. 

Can You Freeze Raw Artichokes?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended. This is because freezing alters their taste and color.

Shelf Life of Cooked Artichokes (In the Fridge or Freezer)

When cooked on their own, they keep well for up to 5 days in the fridge. For long-term storage, freeze them. However, dip in lemon juice prior to freezing. This prevents the hearts from browning.

Well frozen cooked artichokes last for 6 months in good quality. You can also use them within 1 year of freezing.

How Long do Pickled Artichokes Last?

Well pickled types are shelf stable – unopened jars can last for 1-3 years. Opened jars have a shorter shelf life. Refrigerate and consume within 6 months.

Pickling is great for preserving not only the shelf life, but flavor of foods. You can pickle artichokes in vinegar, oil or brine. Additionally, infuse them with seasonings and spices of your liking.

Shelf Life of Canned Artichokes (Opened and Unopened)

Commercially canned ones are a keeper. Unopened cans keep well in the pantry for up to 5 years. On the other hand, opened cans deteriorate quickly. Refrigerate and consume within 4 days. Alternatively, freeze and use within 1 month.

Can You Dehydrate Artichokes? How Long do Dried Artichoke Hearts Last?

Artichoke hearts are pleasantly suitable for drying. Segment them into small hearts to ensure even drying. Steam or boil them first, to make them palatable but not soft.

Use either a food dehydrator or oven for effectiveness. When well dried, they should be brittle.

Store in airtight containers, away from direct heat. They are great for both ornamental and culinary uses. Utilize them within 2 weeks.

How to Select 

When choosing artichoke,

  • Go for firm, tightly packed lobes.
  • The artichoke should feel heavy on the hand.
  • Check for bruises or slits on the leaves.

How do Spoiled Artichokes Look Like?

It is quite easy to spot expiration. Here’s how:

  • The hearts become limp, dry and shriveled
  • Visible mold
  • Browning of flesh

How frequent do you use artichokes? Which is your favorite recipe? Share your cooking and storage tips below!

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