How Long Do Apples Last? (In The Fridge)

how long do apples last

If you’re one of the millions of people who keep apples around to eat, then you know how delicious they are. These tasty fruits have been a staple of human diets for a very long time. They’re very high in fiber and they are a great source of various vitamins. People eat apples that are picked fresh off of the tree and they also use apples to help cook various dishes.

You probably use apples in many different ways. If you really love apples, then you might be wondering how long they’re supposed to last. Answering that question requires taking a few things into consideration. You have to remember that apples that you buy from the store generally are not going to have a “sell by” date or anything such as that.

The most that you’re going to get when purchasing a bag of apples is the date that they were picked. If you don’t have that information, then you’ll have to judge how long they will last by the day that you purchased them. That being said, apples do have a relatively long shelf life. Apples that are placed in your pantry will last for between two and four weeks.

You can put apples in the refrigerator to get them to last even longer than that. Apples placed in the fridge can last for between one and two months. Unopened applesauce will last for one or two months in a pantry and one or two weeks once it has been opened in the fridge. An apple pie will last for one to two days in the pantry or four to five days in the refrigerator.

It’s also important to note that firmer types of apples seem to last longer. There are many different styles of apples on the market. You can also make sure that apples last longer by making sure to store them properly.

How Can You Tell If Apples Have Gone Bad?

You should notice that the apples are looking and feeling different than usual when they start to go bad. An apple that is going bad is going to be softer than usual. You might even notice that it is somewhat grainy or that the skin has become wrinkly. The discoloration is another key sign to look for when trying to spot bad apples.

Apples that are going bad will also bruise really easily. If you wind up noticing mold on the bottom of an apple, then you’re going to need to throw it out. This is not something that you can save and you certainly shouldn’t eat it. You have to be on the lookout for these various signs that apples are going bad.

How Can You Store Apples to Make Them Last Longer?

Apples are going to be able to stay fresh for longer periods of time if you store them in the right way. Ideally, you should be able to store your apples in a secure pantry or your refrigerator. If you want your apples to last for as long as they can, then the refrigerator is going to be ideal. You should be able to use the drawers at the bottom of your fridge as a perfect storage spot for apples.

If you’re trying to find better ways to store apples that have already been prepared, then you should know that sealed containers are going to come in handy. Storing sliced apples or some other type of apple dish in a closed-off container is going to be for the best. It will be able to keep moisture away from the apples and it will also protect from other types of contaminants. You could even consider using a vacuum-sealed bag to try to keep your apple slices white for longer periods of time.

Apple slices will wind up browning when exposed to air. This isn’t something that you can stop but you can delay things by using the vacuum-sealed bag. As long as you keep this stuff in mind, you’ll always know how to best store your apples. It isn’t difficult to do things right and apples really do last for a fairly long time, all things considered.

Special Apple Facts

You already know that apples are a popular and prevalent fruit. Regardless, you might be surprised to hear that there are actually 7500 different varieties of apples out there. There are far more apples than most people would ever realize. These fruits have been used by mankind for such a long time that it shouldn’t be too shocking that apples have developed so many different variations over the years.

Another interesting thing to note is that the state of Washington produces the most apples in the entire USA. Despite this, you might not have known that the crab apple is the only type of apple that is actually native to North America. Apple trees originated in Central Asia in the past and have since migrated around the world. The first apple trees in North America are said to have been planted by the pilgrims in the Massachusetts Bay colony.

Apples are considered to be a part of the rose family along with fruits such as pears and plums. As the largest variety of fruit in existence, it’s easy to see why apples are so beloved. They’re a fantastic source of vitamin C and many people eat apples in order to maintain a healthy diet.

Advice for Using Apples Before They Go Bad

There are actually many popular apple-based dishes that you could make in order to avoid having your apples go bad. If you consider yourself to be a pie fan, then making a traditional apple pie is a perfect choice. This will go perfectly as a dessert for a summer picnic. It can even simply be used as a weekend treat for the family to enjoy together.

Another great apple dessert to consider is the apple crisp. This is very simple as it just involves buttering up a pan, slicing some apples, and then spreading out a mixture that includes oatmeal, soft butter, brown sugar, flour, and a bit of cinnamon. You just need to bake this dessert at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25 minutes. It’s a good idea to keep your eye on things to ensure that you get the best results.

Even just slicing up your apples and cooking them for five or ten minutes can be good. You can add a bit of butter and cinnamon and use them as a very simple side dish. There are a ton of things that you can use apples to make. You could make a fruit salad or you could make your apples into a type of jam.

In Conclusion

Knowing how long apples can last is important. You want to be able to get the most out of your purchases. You should be able to use the above information in order to make your apples last a bit longer. Remember that storing things properly matters and that you should use a visual inspection to see if apples have gone bad once they get a bit old.

As long as you use the information as directed, you’ll be able to use your apples up before they go bad. Apples can be used to make many great desserts and they’re also just good to have on their own. You can use these fruits as a low-calorie snack that will help you to stay healthy. Don’t hesitate to buy apples because they’re very practical to use and they last for a good amount of time.

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