6 Edible Seeds and Their Shelf Life

6 edible seeds

Did you know that seeds have been used for centuries for survival? Here are 6 edible seeds and their shelf life to start you off. Sunflower seeds Sunflowers stand out for their beauty. However, their uses are far-reaching. The sunflower plant is a popular food item. Sunflower has its origin in North America. Documented history … Read more

5 Types of Cereal Grains and their Shelf Life

5 cereal grains and their shelf life

Cereal grains are not only a staple, they are a means of survival to humanity. There are myriads of grains. However, this article tackles only 5 types of cereal grains and their shelf life. Oats The common oat is a cereal grain popularly eaten as oatmeal. This grain is grown sorely for the seeds (oats) … Read more