6 Splendid Stone Fruits and their Shelf Life

6 splendid stone fruits

What are Stone Fruits? Botanically known as drupes, stone fruits contain one pit/stone which is enclosed within the flesh. You will mostly find the stones with either free-standing or clingy stones. Here are 6 splendid stone fruits and their shelf life: Plum These fragrant fruits belong to the family Rosaceae, and are part of the … Read more

How Long do Kiwi Fruits Last?

How long do kiwi fruits last

History of Kiwi Fruits You probably know them as kiwi fruits. However, this is not their original name. These hairy looking fruits are actually known as Chinese gooseberries. Additionally, China is their place of origin. How they ended up with a Māori moniker is actually interesting! Kiwi fruits found their way to New Zealand in … Read more

How Long Do Pineapples Last?

how long do pineapples last

Nothing sparks summer vibes like a cool, zesty pineapple! However, how long do pineapples last? How can you preserve these tropical fruits to enjoy all year round? If you are mind is spinning, relax! This post fills you in on all things pineapple! History of Pineapples You are fond of grilling pineapple slices to accompany … Read more

How Long Do Pumpkins Last?

how long do pumpkins last

What is the difference between squash and pumpkins? How long do pumpkins last? Besides carving, how else can you use pumpkins? Well, this post comes in handy to answer those questions! History You may have associated pumpkins with Halloween’s Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and fall season. However, there’s more to these squash members than … Read more

7 Popular Apple Types and Their Shelf Life

types of apples

Check out these 7 popular apple types and their shelf life. You will also learn a little bit of history pertaining to their different names and origin. Granny Smith This tart, green skinned apple has its roots in Australia. It was an accidental discovery by one Marie Ann Smith, who was cooking with another type … Read more

10 Vibrant Citrus Fruits and Their Shelf Life

10 vibrant citrus fruits

There is more to citrus fruits than just oranges, limes and lemons! Check out these 10 vibrant citrus fruits and their shelf life! Mandarin Mandarins are considered to be descendants of wild oranges. These fruits were a native of modern day India. However, they are widely grown in regions like Japan, Philippines, Australia as well … Read more

6 Everyday Dried Fruits and their Shelf Life

6 everyday dried fruits and their shelf life

The versatility of dried fruits make them a popular pantry item. Here are 6 everyday dried fruits and their shelf life. Raisins and Sultanas Raisins are dried grapes. Common raisins include dark brown and golden raisins. Golden raisins are also called sultanas. They are smaller than raisins, due to the type of grapes used. Some … Read more

12 Edible Berries and Their Shelf Life

12 edible berries and their shelf life

How many edible berries are you aware of? Probably quite a number. Well! Here are 12 edible berries and their shelf life. Cranberries These little tart berries are natives to a few states in North America. These include Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Oregon. Cranberries exist in numerous varieties. Cranberry consumption has been in existence … Read more