How Long do These 5 Green Smoothies Last?

shelf life of green smoothies

How long do these 5 green smoothies last? Green smoothies are all the rage! Touted for being the healthier option compared to traditional, dairy milk-based ones, they have been embraced by health purists all over the globe. In fact, green smoothie diets abound, whereby your meals revolve around green smoothies. They are attributed to weight … Read more

How Long Does Coffee Last?

How long does coffee last?

Any coffee enthusiast appreciates the deep, sensational aroma of freshly ground coffee. It is easy to see why. Besides water and tea, coffee is a highly valued beverage. It is processed from two types of coffee beans, namely Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more expensive to cultivate. However, it forms the bigger contribution of coffee … Read more

How Long Does Tea Last?

Tea is among the top-most consumed beverages globally. Known for its social, health as well as cosmetics benefits, this beverage is a darling for many cultures. However, these benefits would prove futile unless you are aware of just how long tea can last. Tea is derived from a shrub known as Camellia sinensis, which is … Read more