9 Ordinary Syrups and their Shelf Life

common syrups and their shelf life

Which is your favourite syrup to drizzle on waffles? Here are 9 ordinary syrups and their shelf life. What is a syrup? Simply put, a syrup is any thick liquid made by reducing sugar and water. Syrups are extracted naturally from plants, flavored for culinary use or infused with medicine. Here are 9 common syrups … Read more

Besides Yeast, Here are 5 Other Raising Agents and Their Shelf Life

5 other raising agents and their shelf life

Whenever you come across raising agents, yeast usually comes to mind. Besides yeast, here are 5 other raising agents and their shelf life. What are Raising Agents? No, this is not a chemistry lesson! Needless to say, you will agree with me that cooking has a bit of chemistry. A good example is how the … Read more

8 Common Salad Dressings and their Shelf Life

8 common salad dressings

How bland would salads be without these tasty inventions? Here are 8 common salad dressings and their shelf life. Types Vinaigrette This is simply any mixture made from an acidic liquid like vinegar, lemon juice or wine that is combined with oil. This name stems from the French word – vinaigre, which means vinegar. As … Read more