Best Small Food Processors 2020 (Expert’s Guide)

best small food processors

If you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, chances are that you have invested in kitchen gadgets which make your work easier. Meal preparation is labor intensive, thus splurging a few bucks on appliances which do some of the tasks for you is always welcome.

Food processors are such appliances. Considered one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, food processors are those extra pair of hands we crave for when preparing food.

A food processor is simply an appliance used to carry out repetitive tasks associated with food preparation.

Chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing, peeling. All these terms are familiar when it comes to preparing meals.

Imagine having an appliance which can do all those tasks for you. That is what a food processor does. A food processor is designed to facilitate quicker meal production by reducing the time spent preparing ingredients prior to cooking or eating.

Food processors come in many designs, functions and brands. Some have the basic attachments for chopping and slicing.

Others have multifunctional capabilities and can blend, dice, chop, shred, mince your meat, knead dough, beat eggs and puree.

Small food processors are one of those kitchen gadgets every household must have. Below are reviews of 10 best small food processors in 2020:

Best Small Food Processors 2020

1. Hamilton Beach (70730) Bowl Scraper Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper

small food processor

Food preparation and cooking should be a smooth and quick process.

The Hamilton beach (70730) food processor and vegetable chopper is unique in the following ways.

  • Large, 10 cup capacity bowl and feed chute

The 10 cup bowl is efficient for a big family or if you cook for crowds. You will appreciate the sizeable feed chute since it can accommodate small to large ingredients. No need for pre-cutting ingredients.

  • A variety of blades for your creativity needs

One of the best ways to showcase your creativity is through food. This has been made possible by the different blades found on the Hamilton beach (70730).

Slicing, chopping, shredding, pureeing and mixing options allow versatility when preparing food. This is especially a big help when you have toddlers around. You are able to experiment with different food shapes and textures, such as shredding carrots into spiral or julienne shapes. You can also slice fruits into smaller sizes for your kids to easily grasp.

  • Time-saver

Hamilton beach (70730) is your go to appliance when you are time-strapped. The speed range of zero up to two as well as a pulse button gives you optimal results.

The low speed is efficient for delicate ingredients while the high speed gives you speedy results.

With the pulse button, you are able to control the texture of food to prevent over processing.

The pulse button comes in handy when making cheesecake or pie crusts from cookies or crackers. It ensures that the crust has an even texture without lumps.

  • Bowl scraper

The mid-length bowl scraper enables you to scrap off the processed food from the sides. The good thing with this option is that you can use the scraper while the food processor is on. You may still need to use a longer spatula or your hands to remove food particles from the bottom of the bowl, since the bowl scraper cannot reach the bottom.

  • Compact design with dish-washable parts

Kitchen appliances should relieve you off unnecessary pressure in the kitchen. The Hamilton beach (70730) has a non-complicated design and is not bulky. It easily fits in kitchen cabinets or countertops. The simple bowl shape is dish-washable and durable.

The ideal functionality of a food processor revolves around speed, large capacity and versatility. The Hamilton beach (70730) bowl scraper food processor and vegetable chopper is your absolute.

2. Breville (BFP800XL) Sous Chef Food Processor

small food processor

When looking for value, Breville Sous Chef (BFP800XL) gives you value for money. The BFP800XL is a powerhouse and serves its purpose efficiently. If you are a homemaker, the overall performance of this particular appliance will blow you away.

Dealing with gadgets can be complicated, but the Breville Sous Chef guarantees a smooth experience. Its ease of use and availability of a storage kit makes it perfect for neat freaks or perfectionists.

Once you unbox this appliance, its ease of assemblage does not even require referring to its manual.

The accessory storage box for the discs and blades ensure that the various parts do not get lost easily. It also provides safety at home since you can store the boxes away from children’s reach.

The rubber base guarantees safety as it prevents skidding or sliding off the countertop.

The availability of two bowls makes your preparation easier without the need to use other utensils. The large 16 cup bowl capacity is ideal for families. You can easily prepare enough amount of food in one go.

The highly powerful 1,200 watt motor can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is an efficient time-saver. You spend less time preparing meals. Ingredients get processed instantly. On the other hand, the high power can easily mash up your ingredients, thus you have to keep a keen eye once you set it on. You can prevent this by regulating the speed using the pulse button.

The set of 8 discs and blades that come with this appliance gives you versatility in food preparation activities. From perfectly diced vegetables, slicing, chopping, pureeing to kneading dough, you are spoilt for choices on creating a variety of dishes using the Breville Sous Chef.

The adjustable slicing disc gives you options for the thickness of ingredients. From as thin as 0.3mm to 8mm thick, you are able to preserve the food texture. Delicate and soft ingredients such as eggplants can be sliced without getting mashed up.

This is something you do not get with other appliances such as a vegetable mandoline.

The convenience of the Sous Chef is imminent due to the availability of a dough blade. There is no need to purchase dough mixers or flex your muscles when you have this appliance at home.

When it comes to convenience and value for money, the Breville (BFP800XL) does it for you. It is also great as a wedding gift.

3. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Owning a Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14 cup food processor takes you on a journey of convenience and simplicity. Made of stainless steel blades and plastic exterior, this appliance works to precision.

This appliance comes with a standard slicing blade of 4mm. this gives medium thickness of slices. The stainless steel blades also give clean cuts without serrating the edges. The precise cuts prevents mashed up ingredients.

The detachable disc stem makes cleaning the appliance easier. The interior of the bowl can be cleaned well, without worrying about the blades being inside. It is also a safety precaution since you can detach and store the blades away from children’s reach.

Having multifunctional gadgets in the kitchen enables you to save money which can be used for other things.

This appliance has various blades which serve different functions. Whether you need to slice, chop, shred, mix or puree, this Cuisinart does it all. It is a worthwhile appliance if you have infants and small children, as you can easily prepare pureed food.

The 720 watt motor gives relatively speedy results depending on your needs. This motor power is efficient for preventing over-processed items which results in loss of texture, composition of ingredients and loss of nutrients.

Another feature which is highlighted in this appliance is the ultra-quiet motor. Most appliances are synonymous with making noise. This appliance has a unique selling point due to its lack of noise.

The 14 cup bowl capacity is more than enough for most family sizes. You can comfortably host dinner parties for a crowd without worrying about the amount of food to prepare.

The bowl is also efficient when mixing dough for bread, cakes or pies, it can accommodate ample ingredients for mixing. With the dough blade coming handy, you do not need to flex your muscles by using a hand whisk.

If you need able assistants when preparing food, then the extra-large feed chute and the two pushers are all you need. There is no need to do any pre-cuts, since the large feed chute can accommodate whole ingredients.

You have the option of using the small chute for small items and the large chute for larger food items. Whole cheese blocks can fit on the large feed chute.

If you love putting dirty utensils on the dishwasher, this appliance has dish-washer safe parts.

Investing in this appliance can minimize your operational costs because of its 3-year warranty.

4. Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

small food processor

One of the most intriguing questions clients ask when making any purchase is about the region or country from which the product originates. When you hear a food appliance which has been engineered from European regions such as Germany, the word quality pops up in your mind. The Braun FP3020 12 cup food processor is one such appliance.

This highly engineered appliance should not fool you into thinking that it is complex to operate. This model is easy to assemble and use even for beginners.

One of the features which stand out in the FP3020 model is the speed setter. This feature enables you to set your own speed just like you would set the time in an oven. Having a food processor with such a feature gives you the liberty to work on other tasks while the food processor is running.

This appliance comes has a duo-bowl capacity which offers convenience. The 12 cup bowl capacity is suitable for both small and large families. The 9 cup bowl for liquid ingredients allows you to prepare smoothies and different types of juices, soups or purees.

This particular appliance has a compact design that is easy to handle and store. It is not heavy and does not take up too much space. It can be neatly stacked inside a kitchen cabinet or left on the countertop. This compactness is ideal if you have small space. The exterior steel material is easy to clean, wipe off any spills and is durable.

The FP3020 comes with an additional feature known as the citrus juicer attachment. During those hot summer days, you can quickly whip up some lemonade using this juicer attachment. The powerful juicer blades extract the very last drop of juice by squeezing the fleshy pulp.

With seven different attachment blades, the FP3020 gives you optimum options to use when preparing food. The various blades include grater; coarse and fine shredder; whipping and kneading hook; fine slicer and chopping blade.

Most food appliances emit noise when in use. Braun FP3020 is exceptional as it guarantees an ultra-quiet process.

To guarantee your safety while using, this appliance only operates when the lid is sealed properly. When in use, the bowl automatically locks itself onto the motor. This safeguards the stability of the appliance while in use and also prevents contents from spilling and splattering.

In order to ensure an easy clean up, this model comes with dish-washer safe parts, apart from the motor and base.

5. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor

small food processors

Most people buy kitchen appliances due to the versatility and convenience they provide.

The Breville (BFP660SIL) is one of the numerous food processors which has multifunctional abilities. From chopping, mixing, slicing, shredding and kneading dough, this appliance relieves you off extra manual work.

The chopping blade works within seconds and is perfect for herbs such as cilantro and parsley. With such a blade, your knives and chopping board can take the backseat.

The 12 cup bowl capacity is suitable for preparing large meals or an equivalent of 2 litres of liquid ingredients.

When preparing batter for pancakes, you can trust this appliance to whip up and mix the batter to your desired consistency. The large bowl is deep enough to prevent spillage.

This appliance’s multi-functionality is seen by the availability of three multi-sized feed chutes. The variety of chutes minimize the time spent when preparing ingredients. Most food items can fit on the 5-inch feed chute, thus pre-cutting becomes unnecessary.

The smaller chutes ensure that vegetables have clean cuts and shapes. The mini chute ensures that vegetables do not bend or tip over when fed into it. The large chute is suitable for compact ingredients like potatoes or cheese blocks.

Its mode of operation serves as a safety precaution, since it cannot run when the large feeder has not been inserted and bowl and lid are incorrectly fixed. This prevents misuse of this appliance and spillage of ingredients.

The overload protection in this appliance serves as a mitigation for potential hazards. The Breville BFP660SIL is installed with a braking system in its motor. This system regulates motion when the appliance is running to prevent overheating and possible fuse blow.

The adjustable slicing disc offers convenience. Dealing with food requires careful handling of ingredients to ensure the end result maintains its original quality and texture. The adjustable disc ranges from 0.3mm thin to 8mm thick. This allows you to adjust the thickness settings to suit your preferred thickness.

The highly powerful 1000 watt motor is highly efficient for minimizing costs. The appliance is able to give optimum results with minimum speed.

For any avid baker, this food processor eases your kneading efforts as it comes fully equipped with a dough blade.

The plastic bowl has a simple circular shape which makes it easy to clean. This shape also prevents the buildup and sticking of food particles.

6. Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Prep 9 9cup Food Processor

small food processor

Putting order in the kitchen comes with the realization that we need extra help. Kitchen gadgets and appliances come in handy to relieve us off the pressure of meal preparation.

The brand Cuisinart is a household name in the world of appliances. Among their wide range of appliances is the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Prep 9 9cup stainless steel food processor.

As with most gadgets, this one comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. This appliance is one of the easiest to assemble thus you can only use the manual to countercheck. It also comes with a recipe book which you can opt to try during your free time.

The compact build of this appliance minimizes space. It is ideal for various spaces.

The 9 Cup work bowl capacity is ideal for both small and medium sized families. You can comfortably prepare an entire dinner at once, from mashed potatoes to roast vegetables. The bowl capacity can also accommodate dough without spillage.

The 600 watt motor works efficiently and is powerful enough for any task it does. It guarantees perfect vegetable slices.

If you are fond of making nut butter or powder, the chopping and shredding disc in this appliance will do the task for you.

The plastic spatula serves as a scrapping tool. It enables you to scrap off food from the bowl. It is also an additional accessory to your kitchen. You can use it for other preparations as well.

The stainless steel blades ensure durability as they cannot break easily.

The DLC-2009CHBMY comes with an extra-large feed tube. One of the benefits of a large feed tube is that it minimizes the need for pre-cutting vegetables. Not only does this save time, it also reduces mess in the kitchen. A large feed tube also accommodates various shapes and sizes of ingredients.

This appliance has dish-washer safe parts which makes cleaning easy.

Lacking an automated speed system, this food processor only has a single speed and a pulse button. This can be limiting since you have to operate it manually by pressing the pulse button. On the other hand, pulsing your ingredients allows you to regulate their overall texture to prevent over processed items.

The heavy duty base is ideal for ensuring safety. It gives the appliance stability thus it cannot skid or fall from the counter top while the motor is running or when stored.

7. Ninja Blender and Food Processor System (BL494)

small food processor

More and more brands which specialize in household appliances are choosing to customize their appliances. They identify clients’ needs and manufacture products which suit specific needs. Designing a kitchen appliance which combines food processing and blending functions meets many clients’ needs.

The Ninja (BL494) food processor system serves these two functions. The 72 oz. blender pitcher can easily accommodate your smoothie ingredients such as berries, bananas, ice cubes and milk. The 72 oz. capacity of the pitcher is equivalent to around 2 litres of liquid ingredients.

The two Ninja cups enable you to easily store your smoothie, puree or processed food without resorting to other utensils.

Be careful when making vegetable smoothies as some of the vegetable bits can get tangled up and remain stuck on the base of the blade. This can affect the output of the appliance and can lead to the motor overworking.

The blender has powerful blades which are powered by the high 1,200 watt motor. The blades are able to crush ice cubes within seconds.

Another bit worth mentioning is the ultra-powerful Pro Extractor blades which have powerful blades. They are effective for breaking down and extracting nutrients from ingredients to ensure that your end product does not lose any nutrients.

They are also effective for squeezing citrus fruits as the blades really over perform to squeeze and mash the fleshy bits to a pulp, ensuring that all the juice is extracted.

Having the 40oz. blend and prep bowl at hand helps to minimize the use of extra dishes or bowls.

If you are an avid baker, you will appreciate the dough blade which comes with this appliance.

Besides smoothies, the Ninja combination allows you to puree food. From soups to baby food, the chopping blade chops up the ingredients to your desired consistency. You can then finish off the recipe by blending the mixture to a puree or soup.

The 1,200 watt motor is highly powerful to process your ingredients within seconds. The less time you spend processing raw ingredients, the more you will be able to retain the nutrients and texture of your ingredients.

The versatility of this appliance take away the need to purchase separate appliances like blenders or dough mixers.

The dishwasher-safe parts guarantee an easy clean up. What matters is that you have to ensure that no food particles are left stuck between the blades.

8. KitchenAid KFP1466OB 14Cup Food Processor

small food processor

No one would mind having a kitchen appliance which minimizes the use of your hands. The KitchenAid KFP1466OB food processor is a unique appliance due to its dicing and hands-free capability. This function is one of its kind in the world of food processors as most models only have the chopping option.

The dicing kit does all the work for you by first slicing and dicing. The end results are perfect little dices of ingredients.

Most vegetables shrink in size after cooking or when prepared. Having a 14 cup food processor is ideal when preparing vegetables. Its capacity allows you to prepare enough vegetable dishes at a go.

The 2-in-1 feed tube is exceptional as you are able to feed in different ingredient sizes without having to replace the tube. The smaller tube works well when slicing small fruits for salads. You can carefully guide the ingredients by using the pusher. This ensures even slices, dices or cuts and prevents ingredients from getting thrown out.

The separate power buttons enable you to easily control the speed of the processor. The low and pulse power buttons come in handy when processing soft ingredients, since you are careful not to lose the texture of the food.

Other appliances can leave a trail of mess for you to clean up. With this KitchenAid, you do not have to worry about spillages. It has a leak resistant seal on its locking system which prevents spills even when filled to the brim.

The two types of lids can be used interchangeably. You can opt for the lid with feed or lid without feed as per your liking. Alternating the lids also helps to prolong their longevity. When one breaks, you will still be left with another lid to use.

Cleaning and storing the appliance is easy. The polycarbonate exterior is easy to wipe. The appliance has dish-washable parts which makes your work easier.

This KitchenAid appliance has its own storage kit. Having to neatly stack away the KitchenAid parts together in one storage kit ensures safety at home. The kit is also ideal for minimizing misplacements of blades.

With the availability of a dough blade, you will rarely flex your muscles or knead by hand. This KitchenAid does the dough mixing for you. The 4 cup work bowl also comes in handy when mixing dough.

You can achieve outstanding results with this appliance.

9. KitchenAid KFP1133CU 11Cup Food Processor

small food processor

The KFP1133CU 11cup food processor from KitchenAid is convenient for many food preparation tasks.

It comes with a storage case which enables you to store safely the various parts and accessories.

This model has a plastic material. If you are used to stainless steel appliances, it is time to test out this KitchenAid KFP1133CU model. It is easy to clean. When cleaning or wiping the exterior, abrasives are a no-no since they can scratch the plastic. Wiping with a disinfectant and warm water is effective in eradicating food scents which are easily picked up by plastic.

The top lid is designed with leak-resistant features in its locking system. This allows you to freely work without worrying about messes and spills. It is safe to fill the bowl to its capacity.

The 11 cup bowl capacity works perfectly for large families. It is effective in measuring out enough ingredients for an entire meal, without having to do other preparation rounds.

The exact slice system is highly commendable. It allows you to adjust the slicing thickness by sliding the lever as desired. The adjusting lever is child-friendly, easy and safe to use, compared to other appliances. It also provides you with options of designing various sizes of ingredients.

This KitchenAid food processor also comes with multifunctional accessories, such as the adjustable slicer, reversible shredder and multipurpose blades. All these features help you to control the process as per your individual preference.

Besides the 11 cup bowl, this appliance also has a 3 cup bowl which you can use while preparing your ingredients. It also offers an ample capacity when preparing sauces or dips as accompaniments.

The 3 cup bowl also comes in handy when you want to mix in dough for small pastry items. The availability of a dough blade also minimizes the need to buy a stand-alone dough mixer. You can comfortably use this appliance for mixing dough.

What stands out with this KitchenAid is the 3-in-1 feed tube. The wide mouth on the tube accommodates whole ingredients without the need for pre-cutting them. This appliance truly provides the needed aid by reducing the time spent in the kitchen.

The downside to this appliance is on the overall design, which is complex. This can pose certain challenges during cleaning. For instance, it can be cumbersome to reach between the crevices of the 3-in-1 feed tube. Food ingredients are likely to get stuck beneath the blades and crevices.

10. Robot Coupe R101BCLR Food Processor

small food processor

The Robot Coupe brand is a household name when it comes to appliances.

The R101BCLR food processor is a timeless kitchen gadget that meets your basic food preparation needs.

The overall design and clear appearance boasts of simplicity. The clear color adds an aesthetic value and blends with most kitchen designs. The simple bowl design makes cleaning easy as it has no crevices where food can stick to.

The see-through bowl allows you to see how the food is being processed. The compact design is suitable either on the counter top or in cabinets. The appliance is also not bulky and has minimal surface area.

The 2.5 litre bowl capacity works well for small families or individuals. It can fit

The bowl is suitable for blending and pureeing too. This provides you with various food preparation options.

The bowl is made from high quality and thick plastic. This guarantees durability as it can withstand rigorous usage. The polycarbonate material has a high-impact resistance. This means that you can also use it for hot items like soup without destroying the design. The plastic material makes it easy to wash.

The high horse power in the appliance makes it highly efficient since it reduces the time spent on processing ingredients.

The slicer gives perfect food slices without mashing or distorting the shapes. The chopping blade can be used to make nut butter. It chops up coarse nuts into a smooth, lump-free texture.

The magnetic safety system keeps the appliance intact when in use. This prevents accidents since the food processor remains in one position.

The 3-year warranty on its motor offers ample duration for users to detect any defects.

The Robot Coupe R101BCLR is greatly functional for home use. It is also limited in various ways. The fact that you cannot regulate the processing time is also a disadvantage. You only operate the on/off/pulse buttons. Luckily the pulse button comes in handy to enable you regulate the texture of ingredients.

Robot Coupe R101BCL has few attachment blades compared to more advanced models. However, you can always buy additional attachment blades which are suitable to use on this appliance.

Food Processor Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For When Buying a Food Processor

An efficient food processor will handle various time-consuming tasks to become an indispensable gadget at home.

How will you know a suitable food processor for you? Before reaching into your pocket, take a look at the following factors to consider before buying a food processor.

Bowl Capacity Size

Making the decision to purchase a food processor is precipitated by certain needs. A food processor is meant to relieve you off the pressure that comes with food preparation.

If you are prone to cooking for a large family or crowds, a food processor with 12 -14 cup bowl capacity is the most suitable. A large bowl capacity can process many ingredients at a go.

If you cook for a few people or live by yourself, a small bowl capacity is more suitable. Most food processors only have a single bowl.

There are other models which come with two bowls with different capacities. One is usually larger and is used for processing. The other bowl is usually smaller and is referred to as a work bowl.

Another important feature is the lid. Make sure that the food processor has a fitted lid for the bowl. The lid covers the ingredients preventing them from flying all over and creating a mess.

Feed Chute Size

A food processor is meant to minimize the time spent preparing food. A feed chute is where ingredients are inserted to be processed.

An ideal food processor comes with a large feed chute. This prevents the need for pre-cutting or chopping your ingredients before putting them into the processor.

A large feed chute can accommodate whole ingredients. Small feed chutes require you to spend time pre-cutting the ingredients into smaller sizes in order to fit into the chute.

Another component that is worth mentioning is the pusher. However, not all food processors have this feature.

The pusher enables you to accurately guide the ingredients into the bowl. This prevents the ingredients from tipping on one side, resulting in uneven slices or cuts.

Quality of Material

The most common materials used in food processors include stainless steel and polycarbonate plastic.

The processing bowl is mostly made out of plastic.

Attachment blades and discs can be in stainless steel or plastic.

Another factor to consider is the material used on the base of the motor. Bases made from rubber or magnet are convenient since the appliance will have stability. A stable base prevents the food processor from skidding or slipping.

The material used in the food processor is crucial as it affects the following aspects:

  • The durability of the food processor.
  • The ease of cleaning. You would want to invest in an appliance which is easy to clean and is not affected by detergents.

Another vital component to consider is eco-friendly materials. Due to the global climate change, many manufacturers take into account the effects of materials on the environment.

You are likely to find labels written “BPA-free” on most appliances. BPA (bisphenol) is a common industrial chemical found on polycarbonate plastic.

Other companies use recyclable materials when making various parts of the food processor.

Shape of the Appliance

Consider going for a food processor which has a compact design.

A compact outline reduces the appliance’s surface area. This is convenient for storage since the appliance will not take up much space.

A compact design without any protruding or exaggerated features can easily fit in kitchen cabinets or counter tops. Such an appliance is less likely to be bulky too, thus can be easily lifted or moved around.

Go for models which have simple seamless bowls without crevices or contours. Food particles can get stuck in bowls which have crevices.

Cleaning the bowl can become an uphill task since you will have to remove the stuck bits.


Choosing a food processor based on its color is really a personal choice. This is mostly based on the aesthetic value the color will have on the user.

Food processors come in diverse colors. Different brands manufacture different colors for their appliances. One brand can have food processor models with different colors.

An important point to note is the kind of effect that the color will have on the surroundings. Do you prefer the color to blend, contrast or stand out in your space?

Blade Attachments and Accessories

Before spending your money, look for a food processor which has effective blades for the intended task.

Depending on the model and price, some food processors have additional attachment blades and accessories for other tasks.

Other accessories include kneading hook for dough mixing and a dicing kit. Some advanced models have juicing attachments, blending attachments as well as a storage kit for the blades.

The ones which have blending or juicing attachments come with additional pitchers, cups and juice extracting blades.

You will also find various brands which have a range of thickness settings for the slicing and chopping blades.

The settings enable you to adjust the slicing blade as per how thin or thick you want your ingredients.

The most common setting ranges from a paper thinness of 0.3mm to 8mm thickness.

It is worthwhile to note that blades come in different designs. Blades can have serrated edges or non-serrated edges.

Most chopping blades have an S-shape.

Some food processors also come with blades with two options for use. For instance, you may find shredding blades which can shred finely or coarsely. Some slicing blades have the option of thin or thick slicing.

Other models have adjustable and detachable discs for attaching the blades. Once you are done with processing, you simple detach the blades from the bowl.

Such features come in handy during cleaning. You can comfortably clean the various parts separately, without worrying about being hurt by the sharp blades.


Efficient food processors should perform more than one task.

Advanced technology has enabled manufacturers to cater to this aspect.

Many models have multifunctional capabilities apart from the usual tasks of chopping and slicing. Such functions include shredding, mixing, pureeing, blending, juicing and dough kneading.

Having a food processor with such functions is not only convenient, but it also reduces the number of appliances you require, since you can get all tasks done by a single appliance.

Ease of Use

The main purpose of a food processor or any appliance is to:

  • Minimize your work load
  • Save time
  • Give efficient results.

When choosing a food processor, it is important to avoid models which have complex operations as well as complicated features.

You can quickly deduce the complexity of an appliance by brushing through its user manual. In case you find vague instructions, you are better off going for other options.

Some models also have complicated parts that become difficult to operate or assemble.

Save yourself some sanity by going for appliances which are easy to assemble and use.

Speed Controls

This is probably one of the most important features in a food processor. An efficient food processor gives speedy results within the least amount of time.

Most food processors have the on, off and pulse buttons by default. These buttons are operated by the user.

The pulse button comes in handy to enable you have optimal control of the process. It enables you to reduce the big food chunks into finer chunks before being processed.

Pulsing is effective for preventing the ingredients from getting over-processed.

Certain food processors come with a speed timer. The timer has different time intervals which you set then the processor runs automatically.

Having a timer is convenient as it enables you to carry out other tasks while the processor is running.


The motor of a food processor is its backbone. It is the fuel which drives the appliance to operate.

A motor generates motion which propels the various parts to carry out the intended task.

When choosing a food processor, a crucial aspect to consider regarding the motor is:

The Motor Strength

The operating power of a food processor lies in its motor strength.

This is mostly measured in voltage, wattage or horsepower, depending on the manufacturer.

Low motor strength can minimize the efficiency of the appliance.

On the other hand, very high motor strength gives instant results but can cause the appliance to over-perform and mess up the ingredients.

The market range of most motors lies from 600 watts upwards. Very powerful motors can have 1,200 watts.

You can strike a balance by opting for medium strength.

Noise Levels

Most appliances are synonymous with emitting noise. Blenders, juicers and electric mixers are common appliances which are notorious for making noise. Food processors are no exception.

However, many manufacturers see this as an opportunity for innovation and have resorted to tackle this menace.

They have designed models which operate silently or make minimal noise which does not cause disturbance.

Safety Systems

Handling any gadget or appliance can pose certain safety hazards.

The systems put in place to safeguard users vary among manufacturers.

However, basic pointers to look out for include:

  • A locking system which allows the food processor to operate only when all parts are properly fixed or inserted. This system prevents the appliance from malfunctioning and also mitigates accidents.
  • Leak resistant features which prevent spillages even when the bowl is filled to capacity. We all know that spillage in the kitchen is a leading cause of falls and accidents. Leak resistant features also prevents a messy process.


A common factor which drives consumers to make purchases is the budget. Most brands cater to a diverse clientele base regarding the price range of appliances.

The availability of different brands for food processors means that you have many options to choose from.

Most stores also have various sales offers where prices get reduced by a certain margin. If you are cash-strapped, you can take advantage of such offers for great deals.


This is a key component to consider before buying a food processor or any appliance for that matter.

A product warranty assures you of the quality and performance of that product. In case of any defects, manufacturers give a certain period during which they can replace the defects with new parts.

Food processors come with a warranty period range of 1 year to 3 years for some accessories. Others give a 5 year warranty for the motor.

You must be careful to go through the terms and conditions laid out by any brand. Get to understand their terms for giving a warranty.

Final thoughts…

We hope our detailed guide on the best small food processors 2020 will help you choose a suitable food processor that meets most of your needs as far as food preparation is concerned. Buying a food processor should give you long-term benefits. It is therefore imperative to do your homework before making that purchase. Take into consideration the above factors and you will have an easier time.






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