About us

The Stale By Date blog is an educational site with information on the shelf life of various food and the best storage methods to ensure that food stays fresh as long as possible, and in the process save money for individuals and households.

The lead author of the blog, Becca Mercy, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management from Utalii College in Nairobi, Kenya.

Upon graduation from university, Becca worked in the hotel industry where she experienced first hand just how much food is wasted on a daily basis due to lack of information.

That experience, coupled with first-hand everyday experience at home where food is also wasted due to lack of information, gives her the expertise to contribute to the blog and educate consumers about the shelf life and proper storage of different foods.

Becca is passionate about food and loves to try new recipes from time to time. She also loves the German language as well as writing and is a freelance writer with leading online freelance writing sites.